05th May2010

New Website Design

by HippieKender

After a year or more of trying to come up with an attractive website design that I made myself, I finally gave up. I went to wix.com and created myself a flash website. They are a good company and have some wonderful designs. I was just bothered that i hadn’t really created it myself, from scratch. I would like to learn Flash someday, but that is in the distant future.
I did, however, learn to slice and code a website in CSS. My first attempt was with my gaming guild’s website Dominus Nihil. I did not create the images, but i did slice and code them into a functional website. It’s much more attractive than the previous design. Trust me. It took me 3 days, lots of frustration and a little cursing to get it going. I think I talked a little about this in my last post.
Then I got ambitious. I designed myself a website, sliced and coded it and it’s up and running right now! It needs some updated content, but otherwise it’s fantastic (imho lol).

(clicking image will take you to my website)

What do you think? You can be honest.
02nd May2010

Notebooks, Rings & other little projects.

by HippieKender

I’ve recently made a few little projects that may not be dynamic enough to deserve their own post, so I’ve gathered them up so I can post them all together.

First up, matchbook notebooks. I followed this tutorial and made some of my own. I used marketing from my work that would have otherwise been thrown out. I find these very useful to set next to the computer to make all those little notes that I seem to be constantly taking.
(click to enlarge)
- -

I love how simple these were to make. Mine are 2″ and 3″. I also like how you can easily tear out the pages.

I also saw a tutorial for a cluster ring on Cathie Filian’s site (she calls it a cha-cha ring). Here is the one I made:

My daughter wanted one of her own, but I didn’t have another ring blank so I improvised. I used a piece of 20g wire, fit it to her finger and added the beads. I’ll try to get a picture later. If I made another for myself I would use bigger beads. I think I have 15 beads on mine, and that’s all I could fit.

I’m trying to get supplies together to make the Amy Butlet Weekender bag. 2 of them actually, for when the kids visit grandma’s houses.

But i have been distracted by web design. My guild (Dominus Nihil) was looking to expand on their website. They wanted something more than just forums. So as a community we worked on the design, came up with something simple and I coded it. It’s ugly, trust me! So another member came up with a design that was sleek, simple and attractive. Over the course of 3 days I learned to slice and code a webpage. After much frustration, cursing and bullying my way though I finally got it. Hubby tells me that I am so stubborn and won’t give up until I figure it out. It’s true :) Now I need to design my own webpage so I can practice (and have something pretty that I designed myself).
Check it out: http://hippiekender.com/test/dn_test.html

I think that’s all for my update. This post probably took me an hour to type up. My daughter and son have friends over and I am constantly checking on them, getting them drinks and snacks and making sure they are playing nicely and sharing. So I’d better get back to that.
Until next time, take care!