I wanna be a hooker!

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Yep, you heard me correctly!

A few years ago I used YouTube to teach myself to crochet. I had limited cash flow and limited space so buying new craft supplies was out of the question.  I had to make due with borrowed hooks and yarn. I started off with a Spiral Scrubbie, decided I mastered that, and jumped right into an amigurumi Mario Mushroom!  Apparently, that’s how I roll. No baby steps for me! Of course, my teaching style is quite different. I made my daughter practice chains for quite a while before we started working on single crochets. That’s where she is at right now.  I, on the other hand, find a project I want to make and learn the stitches as I go.

I would consider my skill level to be somewhere between beginner and intermediate. Advanced Beginner?  I just assume anything I don’t know how to do can be learned from YouTube or other helpful sites/people on the internet.  This theory has yet to fail me!

Speaking of finding things on the internet, I found a pattern that claimed to be the Best Crochet Potholder.  I had to test it out!

Best Crocheted Pot Holder

My verdict?  It really is the bet crocheted potholder! To be honest, it’s the only one I have ever made, but I love it! The double thickness is fantastic. It even held up to the heat of my cast iron — and some of my store bought potholders can’t say that!

It was fairly quick to work up. I don’t normally crochet for long streteches of time in one sitting, so it did take me a few days to finish. It doesn’t help that my AC has been out for 2 weeks, so sitting with yarn on my lap is, sometimes, too much to handle right now. Thankfully, the AC unit is supposed to get replaced today. *fingers crossed*

Since I had just finished a project, I decided it was a good idea to scroll through Pinterest.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Well, in this case, it was finding an adorable pair of fingerless gloves and a link to the pattern.  Even in the heat of summer, my daughter has been wearing my knit fingerless gloves that I received from a swap on Craftster.  They are much too big on her, so I showed her the picture and asked if she would like a pair.  She may have squee’d and danced.  I took that as a ‘yes.’  I didn’t get started on them immediately, so she asked me about a bajillion times when I was going to make them.  I think it was the next day when I started on them.  She had given me a variegated yarn to use.  After a few rows I started thinking there wasn’t enough yarn left to make 2 fingerless gloves, plus each scale contained 2-3 colors and I didn’t like how it looked. Daughter decided on fluorescent yellow.  I frogged the glove I had going and started again.  After a few rows, I decided I wasn’t loving these gloves in a solid color.  I told daughter to being me one of the skeins of blue she has stashed in her room.  Instead of frogging again, I decided to alternate 2 rows of each color.  The pattern calls for 8 rows of scales before you add in the thumb hole, but since these were for a 9 yr old, I went with 6.  I’m glad I did.  I think 8 rows would have put these almost to her elbow!

Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves

I was going to add thumb sleeves but daughter didn’t want to wait… she wanted to wear them NOW!  Thumb sleeves?  Is that a thing?  I don’t know the correct term for it. Basically, a tube for your thumb to go into instead of just a hole.  I looked up “thumb sleeves” and it is not the term I am looking for. Do you know what it’s called?

Anyway! Aren’t they super fun? Do you want to make your own Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves?  They worked up super fast! The crocodile stitch was new to me, but the video was very easy to follow.  Finished both while daughter was playing at a friend’s house.  I love how in the original pattern the scales are each in a different color. I don’t know how to pick a variegated yarn to make that happen. Any tips?  I also think alternating single rows would be cute.  Or maybe rainbow!

I thought my son would be a little jealous that I made something for daughter but not him.  I searched out a pattern for “manly-looking” fingerless gloves (he likes to wear them when gaming in the basement).  I showed him a picture and asked if he wanted me to make him a pair.  He told me “No, thanks.”  At least he was polite about it.  Guess he will just continue stealing mine.

How about you?  Learning anything new? Working on anything fun? Had any luck crocheting/crafting for a teenage boy?  Do you want to be a hooker?


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