Star Blanket, Baby Groot, and Hobbes

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I have been on a crocheting kick lately.  I think this latest binge started with the star baby blanket.  I had seen quite a few star blankets on Pinterest and Craftster and had always thought I wanted one.  Once I learned to crochet, I decided I would learn to make one.  I found this pattern and decided to give it a try.  My local craft store also had a tear pad with the same pattern on it.

Star Blanket at

I didn’t block it.  I figure it’s going to be drooled on by a baby, crumpled up, snuggled, and (hopefully) loved.  Blocking isn’t necessary.
I like it and I’m pleased I finally finished it (took me over 3 months).  If I were to make another, I would choose solid colors. The variegated yarn is cute, but didn’t work out how I had expected.  I also think I’d like to try the ripple blanket instead of the star.  I think it would have better coverage.

I was so amped up by finally finishing the blanket, I jumped right into the next project.  My sister had asked me to make her a baby Groot.  She even linked me some pictures and tutorials, so I decided to give it a shot.  I haven’t seen the movie (thought I want to), but Facebook and Pinterest had already shown me that Groot was a popular character.

Baby Groot on

Twinkiechan has a great tutorial.  He even has bendable arms you can pose!  I had forgotten how much I like to make amigurumi.  Though, I did find out that all my amigurumi may have been inside out.

I was browsing through my Knit and Crochet board on Pinterest.  Hubby was looking over my shoulder when he happened to see I had a Hobbes pattern bookmarked.  Calvin and Hobbes have held a special place in my heart since I was very young.  Both of my kids have read all the Calvin and Hobbes comic books I have.  Apparently, hubby is a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes, too.  He repeatedly asked me to make him a crocheted Hobbes.  I didn’t have orange or black yarn, so he had to wait until I could get to a yarn store.

Crocheted Hobbes Stuffie on

Hobbes was fun to make and a huge hit in my house! My little Cakes has already asked for her very own Hobbes. She also likes to make Hobbes pounce on people as they walk though the front door.  I made sure Hobbes was right side out.

I had a request to make a Yoshi, so I’m going to be on the hunt for a good one.  I’ll also need to pick up some more yarn.  I’ve also been wanting to make a granny square afghan for my daughter’s bed.  I found a fun group on Facebook that posts a new granny square each week.  I need to pick up yarn for those, too.  Yay! New yarn!

What projects are you working on?  Do you like to make amigurumi?  Share in the comments!


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