Marble Magnets [too many images!]

August 20th, 2008 5 Comments

I got my inspiration off of a few posts on Craftster and from These are super fun to make, and more than a little addicting! Over the past 2 days I have made 32! I used stones (marbles) from the dollar store, E6000 glue, magnets from walmart (50 for $5!) and random images cut out of gaming magazines, origami paper and the newspaper. Origami paper is a little thin and you can see the magnet through it. Next time I will back the paper with card stock or something similar. I will also buy better stones/marbles. The ones from the dollar store worked okay for my first attempt (and were cheap at 37 stones for $1), but have an iridescent coating that I don’t like. They are also not as domed as the more expensive ones so they do not magnify the images as well. The more expensive stones are more regular in shape and would be easier to get images for since I would be able to use a large punch instead of tracing around each stone. Enough babble, onto the pics! I warn you, there are a lot of them! (images are sized down, click to see full size)
— Here they are all together.

And here are close-up pictures…

Whew! That’s all of them … for now!

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>Neat! I’m going to steal some from you!


>kewl, it looks like you found an old instruction book for fallout.


>i saw this post on craftster and had to come by your blog to see more 🙂 i love making these things-they become quite addicting!


>ooo those are so cute and innovative!!


>Thanks! Glad you like them =)