Small Crayon Tote

August 31st, 2008 No Comments

I saw this post on and knew I had to make one! My daughter loves to color and is almost obsessed with bags/purses (teach ’em young, right?). I was trying to decide which scrap fabric to use as most of my fabric is still packed away. I should really get my craft area more organized. As I was standing in my craft space, contemplating, I noticed a fat quarter sitting next to me. It’s super cute fabric that I had no other use for and thought it would be cute. Excited, I got to work.

The lining is the same as the handles.
My daughter was super excited to find it in the morning. Since I didn’t have a small notebook on hand, she’s been storing other things in it – like her Hello Kitty mirror/lip gloss. I think these would make great stocking stuffers, good bags for parties, etc. I want to make more. In fact, my son saw it and wants one now too. I’ll have to find some “manly” fabric for him.

Some notes:
Don’t drink while sewing – if you do, write down more specific directions. I only wrote measurements down as this should have been a quick project. It was not. I couldn’t figure out how to get the lining on the right way and had to rip out the seam once. I also had to boot up my computer and check the online tutorial… twice. Oh well. It looks great and is well liked by it’s recipient.
I am thinking of making another, but bigger. Coloring book sized that holds either 16 or 32 crayons.

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