Resin and Polymer clay

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Here are my first attempts at resin. I tried to find some at a craft store, but ended up buying it from a hardware store. The hardware store doesn’t carry cute molds made for resin (or anything else for that matter). I improvised and used part of the packaging from my son’s toy. They turned out … different than I had expected. I had intended them to be pendants, but they are much too think for that. Not sure what I am going to use them for yet.

^^This one uses wooden beads. I seemed to have forgotten that wood floats when I made this.

^^Polymer clay Fortune Cookies.

Here they are together.

Is it sad that my 3 yr old took this picture and it’s better than the ones I took?

Another section of the toy packaging gave me these.

Mixed with gold pearl-ex powders. I like these and will definitely be making them into pendants.

My attempt at knitting needles/hair sticks.

Yea, see that bubble?

I found out that I would need a different type of resin to make these as the kind that I bought gets bendy and flexy when warmed by the heat of your hands. They would make for horrible knitting needles.

Lesson for the day? Use the right kind of materials and supplies. It makes life a whole lot easier.

Here is the polymer clay covered Altoids tin. I was trying to follow this tutorial I found online to make it rainbow-ish. I don’t have a ripple blade, but thought, “How important can that be?” Very. The pattern didn’t come out as expected. I like it anyway 🙂

^^Cute little feet

Oooh, so shiny! *drool*
I didn’t babysit this as much as I should have, but ended up with only 2 small bubbles in the lower left hand corner (everything else that looks like tiny bubbles is glitter built into the clay).

Whew! That was a long post. if you made it this far, thanks and congrats! 😉

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