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February 5th, 2012 No Comments

My supervisor at work has decided we all need to make boxes for Valentine’s day … yes, just like you did in grade school. I wasn’t going to make one (because I could care less about getting valentines), but she has pretty much been begging us to make them so she can line the windowsills near her desk. I finally caved. Why? Mostly because I was in the mood to sew, found a few tutorials on making fabric boxes, and really needed a creative outlet. I am crabby today.

So, here is the fabric box I made. I think the fabric is from a bed sheet, but I don’t recall. It was given to me for free in any case. I used some medium/heavy iron-on interfacing on it.

I used this tutorial: Square Bottomed Canvas Bucket.
I didn’t add the handle. I just didn’t care enough. My daughter will most likely steal this fabric box when I bring it back home again. She won’t care if there is a handle or not.

I actually had a few tutorials bookmarked. One day, when I can put my crafty area back together, I would like to make tons of fabric boxes to store my supplies in. I think it will look clean and organized (and fun and funky).  When that day comes, I will add the handles for ease of pulling the boxes off the shelves.

Here’s another look at the box I made today. Not too shabby for a first attempt, if you ask me.

So, that’s it for the fabric boxes… for now. I’ll probably do another post once I have a crafty area and all my shelves up again.

Want to make your own fabric boxes? Here’s a couple links I have bookmarked (plus, the one linked above):
Fabric BucketBasket
No Interfacing Storage Basket

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