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March 17th, 2012 2 Comments

I was feeling kind of “blah” today and decided I needed to do something creative. I started by messing with my blog. Don’t see any changes? That’s because I couldn’t figure out how do do what I wanted to do. I’m trying to set up a page for my blogroll (kind of like what I had a Blogger). I want the page to display the most recent posts from the blogs I follow, including the title, a snippet of the post and possibly thumbnail picture if there is one in the post. Well, I searched and searched and couldn’t find what I was looking for … so I gave up.  I decided to craft something instead.

My daughter has been playing her DS off and on all day, so I decided she needed a new case to carry her DS and games (and the games she steals from me). I remembered seeing this tutorial over on Craftster on how to make a DS Purse and decided that was exactly what she needed.

She saw me bringing out the fabric and sewing machine and immediately asked if I was making something for her. (Do I make her too many things? Nah! Not possible!) I told her I was and she asked me what it was. For no reason at all, I blurted out  that it was a surprise. Possibly the best decision I have made all day!

DS Purse - Outside

As I was cutting out the pieces, she tried to guess what I was making. At first she said I was making her a dog. She laid out all the squares of fabric to look like a 2-dimensional dog and told me I would need to shorten the legs (the purse straps) because they were too long.

DS Purse - InsideThe DS does fit all the way into the pocket, I pulled it out a little so you could see it.

As I started pressing and sewing the pieces into their proper shapes, she decided some of the pieces looked like pockets. She was still stuck on the dog idea, though. The closure did look a little like a dog ear, and the stylus holder did look like a tail… so I let her keep thinking it was a dog.

It wasn’t until I started pinning all the elements together that she realized it was a purse. She still thought the closure was a pocket and was confused as to why I was sewing it shut, and it was decided the big pocket was for her cell phone for when she turns 18 (her words).  I also loved her helpful advice as I assembled … “Maybe you should get some pliers,” she told me as I wrestled to turn the whole thing right side out. I may have left the opening to turn everything a little small, but that was no reason for her to mock me! “If you sew the whole thing shut, I cant get my hand in there to get my stuff,” she exclaimed as I pinned the lining to the main fabric. Silly girl! You act as if I’ve never done this before! Okay, in her defense, I probably did look silly trying to force everything right-side out again.

DS - finished

But, I did manage to finagle everything into place, just in time for her to check it out and hop straight into bed. Notice the getting-too-small jammies and mis-matched socks.  On second thought, please ignore those!

She seemed happy with the end result. She even reminded me that I missed a game when I was filling it up. Even the hubby said he liked it (and he usually doesn’t appreciate my craftiness as much as I think he should).

DS Purse

Final thoughts: This tutorial was easy to follow. I had almost everything on hand – the only thing I was missing was the craft foam (for protection against bumps and drops), but I did find an old plastic place mat and cut it up.  Everything went together very smoothly and quickly. The only parts that were fiddly were sewing the outer fabric to the lining (had to make sure not to sew over the straps, and the sandwich was thick) and the padding got a little twisted up when I was turning everything right-side out, but a little wiggling and everything went right back into place.
I didn’t make any changes to the pattern (other than the addition of Velcro because I don’t have snaps. Thankfully my guesstimate on where the Velcro would go worked out!) and I would definitely make more of these. Now, to figure out how to make it manly for the Boy. Can’t have him feeling left out!

PS: Sorry for the poor quality pics. I had to take these with my phone. Eventually, I will get an SD reader for my computer… or possibly a better camera!

PPS: I made one for my son, with alterations. Check it out!

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Cute! I love it! I saw a variant of this case with a different fabric, but I like the pooh fabric.