From Vase to Ambiance

July 20th, 2012 2 Comments

As some of you may know, I am obsessed with Pinterest. I have been for some time now. No, I don’t pin things for a baby I don’t have, or a dream wedding when I am not even dating someone (I think my husband would frown on the idea of me dating).  I started pinning because I did swaps over on Craftster.  I haven’t done any swaps for a while, but the general idea was to pin things you like so your “swap partner” could get a good idea of the things you like: colors, patterns, geek level, etc. We started doing this with Wists, but when Pinterest came around we all jumped ship! But, I digress…

I found this cute idea for making a candle holder out of an old vase to add ambiance to your backyard.  My backyard has absolutely no ambiance. None. So, why not make this and see if I can add just a little.  I was a little more excited about this project than I should have been, but there’s good reason! During the year+ I spent in Missouri, I did not have the time or supplies to be crafty very often. Sure I sewed a few things, maybe a handful in a year, but I’ve been feeling very craft deprived. Since I’ve moved back I know I will have more time to be crafty, plus I got to dig all my craft supplies out of storage! Hooray! I haven’t unpacked them, but at least they are in the house.

That was an important statement. Why? Well, when I got all over-excited about making this candle holder from a vase, I was too impatient to dig through my craft supplies for “just the right” stuff. I literally ran to the kitchen for a vase, grabbed the first spool of wire (some cheap 20G) I could find and the first string-like substance, which happened to be un-dyed hemp.  The result?  I’ll let you be the judge.

Vase Candle Holder


I don’t think it’s too horrible.  I can definitely see where there could be some vast improvements.  Thicker wire, better wire wrapping job, maybe some faux leather cording instead of hemp. But for a first try and a rush job, I don’t think it’s too shabby! This is on a plant stake next to the steps on my deck.

Here’s another view hanging from a plant hook attached to my house.

Candle Vase


I think it looks okay there, too. But I had a discussion with a friend via Facebook about the recent storms and the havoc they could play on these things, so I got all paranoid about it hanging that high up (mostly because of the cheap wire I used) so I put it back on the plant stake.

I also couldn’t wait for it to get dark so I could light the candle.

Candle Vase at Night

Then I remembered that my good camera had gone the way of most of my craft supplies – packed in a box. All of these photos were taken with my phone and I am so sorry for the poor quality.  I didn’t realize quite how difficult it would be to take pics at night with my cell phone. BUT! I do like the outcome, I think it’s cute. I could see this adding more ambiance to my backyard if I had a few of them strewn about … and maybe if the grass wasn’t dead from our recent drought.  I would also suggest making sure the candle is centered in the vase before you light it. I am betting most vases are not heat resistant. I was just too impatient to light the darn thing that i didn’t bother to center the candle. It’s okay though, I didn’t leave the candle lit for long. Just long enough to snap a couple pics and show the husband. And the very best part? He actually LIKED it! I know, right? He normally scoffs at the things I make. I think this is a winner.

Now to hit the dollar store for more vases and unpack craft supplies so I can stuff my backyard with ambiance.

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