Father’s Day, Eyeball T-shirts & Windows Vista Gadgets

June 21st, 2009 2 Comments

First of all I want to wish all the dads out there a wonderful, happy Father’s Day! I have some fond memories of when I was younger. Making “Chicken McRicks,” having “must-gos” for dinner, going on my first roller coaster, getting my first cat, going to the beach and Disney Land, and one of my favorites: him playing the guitar for me.
As I posted earlier, the shirt i made for hubby for Father’s day was given to him about a week earlier because 3yr olds don’t know the meaning of “keeping a secret.” I did manage to hide the shirt the kids made for him though. They gave it to him this morning and he loves it. My mother-in-law bought a kit and sent it out to me.
all thumbnail pictures may be clicked for larger view

Handprint Tshirt

I found the wonders of Windows Vista Gadgets. I am posting this from the Blogger gadget. It’s a small-ish window I can drag to my desktop to post blogs instead of having to log into the website. I think it would be great if I didn’t post pictures in every blog, but it seems to be a little more work to post pictures through the gadget than through the website – especially when needing to re-size them. Plus, my firefox spell check doesn’t work, ha ha! I’m betting I will need to go back and edit this post so the pictures are okay.

And finally, the crafty bit! I saw this clip on Martha Stewart about making Eyeball T-shirts. Martha had found them on Creative Kismet’s blog, specifically here. They are much faster to make than I thought.
Front of son’s shirt:
Blue Eyeball Shirt Front

And the back:
Blue Eyeball Shirt Back

My daughter wearing her shirt (couldn’t get son out of PJs, ha ha!)
Pink Eyeball Shirt Front

And the Back
Pink Eyeball Shirt Back

And a close-up of the eyeball:
Eyeball Close-up

I think I am going to see if my nephew would like an eyeball shirt. Then I have something fun to bring him when I visit next month.
Well, I think that’s all for today. I hope this post turns out okay – we’ll see if blogger gadget for Vista is worth it (I don’t think the Facebook one is).

Edit: Blogger Gadget failed to post my blog, had to copy/paste everything and log into blogger the old fashioned way. Will play with it more and see if it was operator error.

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Hello there! My name is June

>so funny you couldn't get your son out of his pj's …going through that with my son…when he's in any type of superhero jammies… refers to them as his 'supersuits'

The eyeball shirts are hilarious!

Mel Makes Pretty

>The t-shirts look great. You definately inspire me to try new things. Thanks for always leaving the links to the tutes,
Have a great day,
PS Bummer about vista blogging.