Spiral Chain Drop Earrings

August 6th, 2012 2 Comments

Yesterday, through the wonders of Pinterest (of course) I found a tutorial for these adorable earrings. I decided I needed to make them.

Yes, despite the fact that I am not done unpacking my house, have not even started unpacking my craft room, and that I had to search through multiple boxes to find all the necessary supplies and tools… I needed to make these.
Though, to be fair, that was also the turning point where I decided I NEEDED to pick up brackets and stuff to attach the shelves to the walls so I can start unpacking my craft space.  In fact, I have plans to do this tonight, after the husband gets home, so I can have just a few mins in a store kid-free.

But, I digress. Like I was saying before, I found a tutorial to make Spiral Chain Drop Earrings.  They were actually pretty easy to make and the tutorial is very clear.

As is usually the case when I rush around gathering up whatever supplies I can find on hand to make something I saw in a tutorial …. I did not have exactly the right supplies.
Instead of 22g half-hard wire, I used 20g color-coated aluminum. I think it may have been a little too soft for this project.
Instead of the recommended beads, I used some hematite beads I had.

I really like the end result, despite the changes.  The only thing I was a little unhappy with was the length. When I include the ear wire and the beads, the earrings measure 4.75″ in length. That’s a little long for my taste. But I like the design so much I am willing to make them again using the shorter measurements.

Spiral Drop Earrings


So, what do you think? Is this something you’d like to try to make? It is something you would wear? How long do you like your earrings to be?

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Very cute! you need to show the amazing ones my husband commissioned you to make for me for Valentines Day on here!


    Oh! You’re right! I totally forgot that I didn’t blog about those because I didn’t want you to see them before they were delivered 🙂