Getting crayon out of clothes

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Yes, this happened to me. My daughter left a red crayon in her laundry basket and it made it into the washer and dryer undetected. What happens when you wash and dry a crayon with a load of clothes?  Every piece of clothing in that load will be covered with spots and tiny bits of crayon melted to the fabric.  How do you fix it?  Well, I did a Google search to find out.  A lot of posts recommend Borax and other products I didn’t have on hand. It was cold and rainy today and I didn’t want to leave the house. What? I never said I was overly motivated.

I posed this problem to friends on Facebook as well and did have someone link me an article. I combined what I had researched, what my friend linked to me, and what I had on hand.

What I ended up doing:

I added the normal amount of detergent and 1 cup of baking soda to the washer
I set the washer to HOT and let it fill up as I added the stained clothes
I let the clothes soak for a while… in fact, I forgot about them and let them soak for long enough to let the water temp come down to slightly warmer than room temp
I then closed the lid and let the cycle run as normal

The result?  Almost all the clothes came out stain free! There were only 6 pieces out of the entire load that I felt could benefit from a 2nd soak.  Not to shabby!  No clothes needed to be thrown out, and mow my daughter will not look like a slob when she leaves the house! I am beyond happy.

This is the link my friend sent me: Good Housekeeping

Do you have any suggestions for getting out strange stains? What strange things have you found in the washer or dryer?

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