Valentine’s GIMP Brushes

January 29th, 2010 No Comments

I’m not sure why I haven’t been sharing my GIMP resources. They’re crafty right? Plus they can help you be crafty. I’m not going to share my artwork here. That’s over on deviantART. But I will share my brushes and any other resources I create for GIMP.
What is GIMP? It’s a free, open-source image manipulation program comparable to PhotoShop. You can download it (and read more about it) here. As with any program, there is a bit of a learning process. I suggest finding tutorials and trying them out – even if you have no use for the final result. Trying new tutorials will help you learn where the tools are, what is in each menu, and what each tool does. I suggest GimpDome if you are looking for a forum with great tutorials and helpful people. I may be a bit biased since I am a moderator for those forums. Also, GimpTalk is a great place to find tutorials. Or, you can always do a search for GIMP tutorials.
GIMP is the only program I have resources for (so far), but if you are looking for some other free, open-source art programs, here are a couple to try out.
Inkscape – Vector program, like Illustrator.
Apophysis – Fractal program. Download the latest version.

Okay, on to the Valentine’s Day brushes!
There was a request over at GimpDome for a heart brush that would randomly display to create a wallpaper. I started with plain hearts.

I made the heart in Inkscape then brought it into GIMP to create the brush. The hearts randomly rotate as you click or drag your mouse. You choose the color. Click the image to download.

After that I decided to try making the hearts look like Conversation Hearts. I didn’t get around to adding the words, so these are just 3D hearts. I dig them anyway.

I took the heart base from the Plain Hearts brush and used GIMP to give them a 3D look. These also randomly rotate as you click or drag your mouse. Click image to download.

Eventually I managed to get some words on the hearts. Took me a few days to complete all the wording.

Taking the 3D heart brush base, I added sayings to each one. This brush has 18 different sayings on multicolored hearts. Clicking or dragging the mouse will randomly choose one of these 18 hearts. Click image to download.

I have a whole list of free programs. Pretty much, if there is a program that requires you pay for it, I probably know of a free one. I won’t list them all here – I’m trying to stay on topic – but if you are looking for a certain program feel free to ask me and I will see what I can dig up.
Let me know what you think of my brushes, too!

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