Shamrock GIMP Brush

February 9th, 2010 No Comments

I made another brush for GIMP. If you don’t know what GIMP is, you can read my post about my Valentine’s Day Brushes. This time it’s shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day! My husband is just about all Irish (making our kids almost 75% Irish) and his family takes St Patrick’s Day very seriously. They throw a huge party every year! Not that his family has anything to do, really, with my inspiration with this brush.

The idea popped into my head yesterday to make a shamrock brush that would surprise you with a 4-leaf clover. That’s precisely what this brush does. As you click or drag your mouse around the canvas the shamrocks will randomly rotate. Every once in a while you might just find a lucky 4-leaf clover!

In other news I have been scouring the sale bins, resale shop and dollar stores. I picked up some sheets and table clothes for $5 (quite a few yards of fabric, yay!). Not sure what I will make with it all yet, but I’ll figure it out! I also picked up some silicone ice cube trays in the shape of hearts. The one I got from the dollar store has little mold nubs in the centers of the hearts. Not a big deal for ice cubes, but won’t be very pretty for making crayons and resin stuff. So I picked up a couple more from the $1 bin at Target. The ones at Target are nice and smooth. I didn’t see any shamrock ones, but I will be keeping my eye out for them – I really want to make resin shamrocks! =)
That’s all the news on my end. I’m thinking up ideas for making an Easter themed GIMP brush. I’m also wanting to pickup some resin, pendant bales and ring blanks. I’m going to try to Freecycle for some empty baby food jars to make heart shaped crayons.

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