Foodie Friday: Peasant Bread

March 25th, 2013 1 Comment

Happy Friday!  Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest, I stumbled upon this recipe for Peasant Bread over at Alexandria’s Kitchen. She claims it’s an easy, no-knead bread… and she is absolutely right! I have never made a yeast bread – in fact, the only bread I have ever made is beer bread, but trust me when I say that this is almost as easy!

IMAG0157Dry ingredients mixed together.

IMAG0159A very moist dough.

IMAG0160The finished loaf.

IMAG0162This is all that was left after dinner.

A couple of notes: The recipe says not to used bleached flour.  Unfortunately, bleached flour is all I had, so it’s what I used.  The brad did not rise as much as I would have lied on the 2nd rise.  I’m wondering if this has to do with the bleached flour.  Since this bread was such a hit, I am willing to buy more flour to try again.
I honestly could not believe how easy this bread was.  It’s literally mix the ingredients together, cover and ignore for a couple hours.  Punch down with forks, separate in half and ignore for another 30 mins or so.  Bake… done.  And the family LOVED it.  Seriously, if you’ve ever wanted to try making bread, but were afraid (like me) this is the recipe to try.

Verdict? Winner and will definitely be making again!

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