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I’ll try to link examples of the exercises, if possible. If using weights, you want to be able to do 8-10 reps (it should be a little push to get to that 8th rep. You want to be sore, but not have pain). Unless you are trying to bulk up, in which case you want to use enough weight to do only 4-6 reps. In most cases you’ll want to do 3 sets of 8 resting for 30 seconds to a minute in between (or however long it takes you to recover for the next set). Focus on one muscle grouping per day (do arms one day, legs the next, etc)

Hamstring Curls on ball [body weight, ball] *We use a bench, but these are good.
Runners Lunges [body weight] –Thighs, Hamstrings
Deep Lunges [body weight] –Thighs, Hamstrings
Toe Pulls [bands] –Shins
Pike Leg Lifts [body weight]
Calf Raises [body weight] –Calves
Single Leg stand up [body weight, bench or sturdy chair] –Thighs

Alternate Hammer Curls [dumbbells] –Biceps
Cross Body Hammer Curls [dumbbells] — Biceps
Wrist Curl-Ups [dumbbells] — Forearms
Wrist Curl Downs [dumbbells] –Forearms
Tricep Press [dumbbells] — Triceps
Dumbbell Kickback [dumbbells] –Triceps
Bench Dips [body weight, bench] –Triceps
Isometric Neck, Front & Back (30 seconds each, 3 sets) — Neck
Isometric Neck, Left & Right (30 seconds each, 3 sets) –Neck

Bench Press [dumbbells] — Chest
Pushups on Stability Ball [ball, body weight] –Chest
Reverse Sit Ups on Stability Ball [body weight, ball] –Lower Back
Bent Over Dumbbell Row [dumbbells] –Middle Back
Car Drivers [weights] — Shoulders, Forearms
Front Dumbbell Raise [dumbbells] — Shoulders
Dumbbell Shrugs [dumbbells] — Traps
Standing Dumbbell Rows [dumbbells] — Traps

30 mins cardio
Core (8 reps, 3 sets, 2 different exercises)
Crunches on ball
Oblique Crunches on Ball
Crunches on Floor
Oblique Crunches on Floor
Planks (30+ seconds, 3 sets)

**If you feel unsure or unsafe doing any of these alone, have somebody spot you (catch weights if you strained too hard, stabilize the ball, etc)

Since hubby and I just bought the heavy punching bag, we have not developed our own routine. The gloves hubby bought came with a full body routine. I can post if, if needed.

If you don’t like these exercises, this is a great site to find a new one. Just check/uncheck the muscles/equipment/what you’re training for/etc BodyBuilding.com

I tend to do alternating exercises. So, for arm day I would do biceps, triceps, forearms, core … then back to biceps.  I do cardio and weight training 5 times per week with my rest days usually on Sunday and Wednesday (though I do move around my workout schedule to accommodate real life).

Contact me if this doesn’t make sense.

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