Old Lady Craft Day

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Here you will find the projects we worked on during our monthly Old Lady Crafty Days.

What is Old Lady Crafty Day? It’s not just for old ladies! It’s where we get together to knit, crochet, tatt, or do other easily portable crafts. These are generally thought of as “old lady activities,” hence the name!

We have some brand new crocheters, and some slightly more experienced crocheters. The same goes for knitting. Each month we pick a project and everyone can work on theirs together.  It’s not a requirement, but it’s fun to see everyone’s spin on the same project, we can help each other out if we get stuck, and is good practice!

Here’s the projects we have done so far.

Great beginner project. Teaches single crochet, increases, and decreases. Page also has a link to a video tutorial for the visual learners.

Spiral Scrubbie

Renee’s Spiral Scrubbie







Good for beginners. Crochet in the round.  Gives instructions for long and tall soap coats.

Soap Coat

Renee’s Soap Coat

Soap Coat

Renee’s 2nd attempt.

Soap Coat

Stephanie’s Soap Coat

Soap Coat

Katie working on her Soap Coat

Soap Coat

Chris’ Soap Coat








Pattern uses only Single Crochet and Double Crochet.  The fingerless gloves are crocheted flat, then sewn up.

Wrister in Grey

Stephanie’s Wrister

Wrister in Blue

Chris’ Wrister








Pattern uses Magic Circle, Double Crochet, Single Crochet.  Crocheted flat and sewn up, then ears are attached.

Renee's Yub Nub Scoodie

Renee’s Yub Nub Scoodie

Yub Nub Renee!

Yub Nub Renee!

Stephanie's Scoodie

Stephanie’s Scoodie

Renee's Ears

Renee’s Ears

Chris' Scoodie

Chris’ Scoodie








Pattern uses Soloman’s Knot or Love Knot.

Renee's Scarf

Renee used 2 different shades of blue

Stephs Scarf

Stephanie’s scarf in progress


Kris’ sparkly scarf








Pattern uses fairly basic stitches.

Mum Market Bag

Kris’ Mum Market Bag

Mum Market Bag

Stephanie’s Mum Market Bag

Mum Market Bag

Chris’ Mum Market Bag – The Original!

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