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Harry Potter Wands

My son is reading the Harry Potter series (partially for enjoyment and partially to fulfill reading requirements for school). He has a book report of sorts due soon where he need to bring in 15 items that

Valentines, part 2

Since I shared the Valentines I made for my son, I thought I would share the ones I made for my daughter. I don’t have some crazy story about how I spent all night making valentines. I

Handmade Valentines – Pencils

I decided this year I was going to make my kids’ valentines – you know, the ones they have to bring to school and give to every kid in the class. I picked up most of the

[SWAP] Tiny books

I’ve been in a crafty slump lately (that’s probably apparent by my lack of blog posts). Not really sure why. I’m happy to say that the fog has been slowly lifting. The swaps over at have

Mag Bag [for a swap]

i joined the FOC (friend of craftster) swap over on Craftster (obviously). My partner was beeker. The goal was to browse their wists and create a “duplicate” or an item inspired by their wists. I found this

Notebooks, Rings & other little projects.

I’ve recently made a few little projects that may not be dynamic enough to deserve their own post, so I’ve gathered them up so I can post them all together. First up, matchbook notebooks. I followed this

I made a book

Yes, that’s right. From start to finish, I made a book. I was absolutely inspired by this post on Craftster. So i searched out tutorials on how to make a book and got started… First, I made

Washer Necklaces

I was inspired by this post to try my hand at making some washer necklaces. I was thinking I could give them away as Christmas gifts, but I’m worried about how they will be received and if

I made artwork for my walls!

Taking inspiration from This Thread at Craftster, I went to the dollar store and picked up 3 8×10 frames. They were all split at the corners, but a little wood glue fixed them right up. I also

Calendar Envelopes

Here are some envelopes that I made from the freebie calendar the library gave me. I really like them and plan on making more from the calendar that the union gave me [it has pretty images of